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Freeman & Vannauker, LLC was created by two established financial planners, Brian Freeman and Mark Vannauker, who have over 50 years of combined experience in the Financial Arena. Their mission was to create a financial entity that could provide a vast array of services. The independent financial products and services are on the cutting edge of the complex Financial Industry. Brian and Mark work closely with a team of economic analysts, investment portfolio experts, and senior planning specialists.

Freeman & Vannauker, LLC has assisted many individuals, families, and small business owners in achieving a multitude of financial objectives. Brian & Marks' goal when working with clients is to listen to their personal goals and objectives and provide a detailed solution unique to their specific situation. In addition to this process they also implement all recommendations and monitor the progress of the entire financial plan. They realize every client is a financial fingerprint and no two are alike. Therefore, their recommendations must be tailor fit to the clients' specific situation.

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